Five Learnings from 100 Department Transformations into Agile Teams

5 Learnings from 100 Agile Transformations

Becoming an agile organization has many benefits that include increased business performance and customer satisfaction. However, many struggle to understand what it really means to be agile and how to successfully implement agile workflows.


In this presentation from the Quirk's Virtual Event in July 2020, quantilope Co-Founders Peter Aschmoneit and Thomas Fandrich discuss five key learnings from more than 100 transformations of research departments into agile teams.


Attendees will leave with tactical strategies to transform their own insights departments and successfully adopt agile principles for creating a competitive advantage.



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For more information, download an extended white paper on quantilope's key learnings from agile transformations below. 

Download the Agile Transformations white paper now!

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