quantilope Acquires Video Research Company Plotto, Launching inColor

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quantilope acquires UK-based qualitative video research company Plotto, adding a new dimension to the research process.


With the acquisition, quantilope announces the product launch of inColor to offer a new qualitative research solution capturing real-life moments, at scale, in consumers’ own words.


As researchers, we know understanding consumer needs through quantitative research is pivotal to the success of brands, but we came to realize that something was missing. We needed a way to broadcast the voices of consumers beyond charts and reports to add a new kind of richness and color to consumer data. 


Enter: quantilope inColor, which offers an unlimited, three-dimensional profile of consumers, showcasing their genuine emotions and sentiments through video. 


With this step, quantilope expands its existing portfolio to now offer its users both automated quantitative and qualitative online market research. The technology is highly equipped with Artificial Intelligence to handle time-consuming and complex processes. This includes features such as automatic text transcriptions, sentiment analysis, and emotion recognition, enabling companies to quickly gain deep, qualitative insights about their target audiences.



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