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We’re proud of the great culture that we’ve built at quantilope, which is mostly due to the awesome people who work here! But just in case, we also have the Feedback and Culture Committee (FCC) who regularly invest their time and effort to introduce new initiatives dedicated to nurturing our work environment.

We rely on two factors to keep our culture running - personal growth and team growth. We enable personal growth by maintaining a climate that fosters feedback and support, while promoting team growth through organized events. Our organized events bring us to build relationships and get to know each other better outside of the 9 - 5. 


What is the FCC?


The FCC is a crossfunctional group of people within quantilope who foster our culture and constructive feedback. It’s comprised of people from all departments who come together to work on the company culture on a voluntary basis. We meet once a week to discuss and distribute tasks that need to be done such as employee suggestions (e.g. ‘Let’s have a foosball tournament’), management suggestions (e.g. ‘Collaborate on the survey about the company culture’), or ideas from within the FCC (e.g. ‘Create an overview of our available feedback methods’).




A part of the FCC’s responsibility is also to improve the culture of giving and receiving meaningful feedback. Not only does feedback help in personal and professional development, but it can also help to improve the social climate within the company through building trust and encouraging honest conversation.


Our contribution here lies mostly in providing tools and formats for feedback, and in enabling the different departments to use them. We strive to create a culture where it feels natural to give and receive feedback at and between every level of the company.




A great place to work is somewhere where you feel safe and are surrounded by friends. That’s why we organize a lot of events where you can do something with your coworkers and not talk about work!


Our job as the FCC is to organize various events supported by quantilope. We aim to have one major event every six weeks, trying to keep them as diverse as possible, appealing to different interests to get everyone to join at some point throughout the year.

Some of our recent events include halloween parties, barbeque evenings, movie nights, video game tournaments, and company breakfasts. It’s common to see people stick around after these events and go out together, too!



A great company culture obviously takes much more than that, but we believe that by enabling personal growth and social exchange, we can make fun contributions to this great company culture!




About the author

I’m Jonas, I work as a Junior Frontend Developer at quantilope. I joined the Company in February 2019, the FCC in July 2019, and I really enjoy how I can work in the FCC to organize and think about social events, which is a nice addition to my usually rather technical job.

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