Consumer NOW Index: A Mid-Year Review of 2021 Consumer Sentiment


quantilope’s Consumer NOW Index 2021 Mid-Year Report provides an update on consumer well-being, top consumer principles, and a sneak peek into our revamped tracker. 


The Consumer NOW Index is run once per month, with each wave capturing ~400 consumer responses. As each month’s data is automatically added to our publicly available interactive dashboard, equipped with live significance testing and detailed data point explanations, brands can leverage real-time changes in consumer behavior to efficiently shift their focus and stay relevant. 


2021 was a long-awaited year for many, and with this mid-year report, we can assess how consumers are feeling after the first two quarters. 


Below are some of the topics we explore in this most recent Consumer NOW Index report: 

  • Update on Consumer Well-Being (satisfaction in life, balance in life, and future outlook) 
  • Generational spotlight: How do top principles differ among younger and older consumers?  
  • The continuous, disproportionate gap in well-being between males and females 
  • Consumers' most engaged activities between Q1 and Q2 of this year 
  • Sneak peek insights into our newly revamped Consumer NOW Index tracker (report coming Q3) 


Eager to dig in? Download the full 2021 Mid-Year Report below: 

Download the full insights report now!

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