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Survey Panel Providers: How They are Used for Market Research

This blog post explores survey research panel providers - including what they are, why they're important, how to fit them into your market research budget, and how to ensure high-quality data from you...

How To Perform Market Research for Advertising Campaigns

Market research is often thought of as the background or prep work to launching a new product or service or checking in on a product’s performance; however, market research can also be leveraged quite...

How To Measure Customer Satisfaction in 5 Simple Steps

Measuring customer satisfaction is important for all brands - new or old, big or small. If you’re launching new products or services but not measuring whether or not your customers like them, you’re w...

Claims Testing: Why It's Essential to Your Brand

In this blog post, learn why claims testing for product claims is important for your brand and how market research can help ensure claims are aligned with brand associations and optimized to be as mot...

Brand Monitoring Tools to Enhance Your Brand in 2022

This post highlights some of the top brand monitoring tools to enhance your brand in 2022 when it comes to marketing campaigns, content marketing, brand reputation, and more.    

6 Types of Survey Biases and How To Avoid Them

This post will highlight six types of survey biases to be cautious of when creating a market research questionnaire or when conducting any form of survey research.    

Top Consumer Insights Companies in 2022

In this post, we'll explore what consumer insights companies are - including some examples you can consider for your research needs this year.     

Branding Questionnaire: 12 Questions To Ask When Developing a Brand Identity

In this post we look at the importance of brand identity as part of an overall brand strategy, and how brands can use market research to shape and hone their identity.    

How To Create a Brand Tracking Survey

This blog post will cover how to create an effective brand tracking survey to closely understand brand awareness, brand perception, and more.    

The Ultimate Guide to Concept Testing

In this post we look at concept testing, a highly valuable way to screen ideas before they go live.