quantilope at the Quirk's Virtual Event 2020: Introducing the new Consumer NOW Index

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Introducing a sneak peak of quantilope's new Consumer NOW Index.


On Tuesday, July 14th, 2020 quantilope presented attendees at the Quirk's Virtual Event a preview of our new and improved Consumer NOW Index. Following 8 waves of tracking, we decided that it was time to update the Index to provide stronger insights for researchers to stay closely connected to their consumers in all areas of life beyond COVID-19.


The Consumer NOW Index - Quirks

The new Consumer NOW Index will be run monthly with insights released through quarterly reports. The new Index includes:

-quantilope's consumer well-being score

-quantilope's activation-valence model using an implicit association test to evaluate unconscious well-being as the result of various emotional states.

-consumer's life priorities and motivations

-current and future behavior trends

-sector specific marketing recommendations and more


A preview of the insights can be here - https://bit.ly/3ftgmgh


Official release date of the new Index coming soon.

Request your own Consumer NOW Index

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