Video: How to leverage technology for faster research with meaningful impact


Earlier this week, quantilope joined our peers in the insights community at the TMRE Digital Week for a three day virtual conference discussing best practices for innovating research processes, leveraging big data, and using insights to drive future growth.

Presentation: When budgets and resources decline: How to leverage technology for faster research with meaningful impact  

Leading brands have long used quality consumer research to make informed business decisions. However, as our industry navigates the challenging global environment, many of us face budget cuts and unexpected research challenges.


In this webinar, quantilope will provide a step-by-step guide for how researchers can upgrade traditional research processes to conduct their own advanced, custom consumer research in less than one week. Viewers will leave with an understanding of how to implement bespoke agile workflows to conduct research better, faster, and more efficiently.

Watch the full video now. 


qlp TMRE Digital Week 2020


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