Introducing quantilope's new manage section for enhanced collaboration


Introducing quantilope’s updated manage section designed to support remote collaboration for research teams working from home. The new manage section features tools to improve communication within the platform and the efficiency of your project management.


4 benefits of quantilope's new manage section



1. All project information in one place


Summarize all of your project information in the new manage section for an instant overview of your research. Here, you can include a list of your team members, the research background, objectives, target groups, and regions. Adding tags allows you to search for, filter, and group your projects easily.

With the "Add Attachments" function you can upload any file to quantilope’s platform. This can include project briefings, stimulus material, tested advertising claims, or anything else that  you need to support your project.


2. Simplified communication


The comment feed within the new manage section provides an overview of all the comments and tasks in your project. The most recent comments appear at the top of the page. You can also reply to comments from the questionnaire directly in the manage section. This makes communication easy -  especially for virtual teams.


3. Efficient collaboration


Tag your colleagues or the entire team in comments to notify them of any updates or changes that need review. Eliminate the need for additional emails by keeping all project-related questions directly in the platform. For an even more efficient support, you can also tag @quantilopesupport to contact your quantilope CS representative.

With just one click you can filter the comment feed to see your own comments or the comments that you’re tagged.


4. Elevated project management


Comments can be converted into to-do lists and marked as completed by clicking on the corresponding checkbox. Use this function to keep an overview of all outstanding tasks.

View the new manage section in action below! 



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