The Food Chain of Survey Automation: 2021 Food Trends in Just 1-5 Days

Copyright: Oleksandra Naumenko

It’s anything but business as usual in the 2021 consumer shopping world. To capture a detailed look into consumers’ eating and drinking habits we knew we would have to go beyond standard insights to better understand what’s driving food & beverage purchasing and consumption habits in 2021.



To do so, we programmed our 2021 Food Trend study to include two separate MaxDiff analyses, and one Implicit Single Association Test (SAT). quantilope’s platform makes it easy to apply these advanced methods with a drag/drop feature from a pre-programmed library of methodologies (shown below): 



Adding Advanced Methods To Your Survey final-hd



Adding automated advanced methods to our survey allows us to further tailor the survey questions to the specific study’s needs - such as categorizing various items within an Implicit Association Test. Doing so makes our analysis stage that much easier, being able to filter down by specific groupings (such as an ‘occasion’, or ‘location’ that consumers associate with food - as shown in our implicit association question below for the US market). 


Please take some time now to think about Food. Some examples: 


- What is food for you personally? 

- What is your favorite food? 

- How do you eat your food? (at home/in a restaurant/on the go/...)


As fieldwork progresses, we can begin to analyze results as soon as the first few completes come in. When charts are set up prior to closing field, the final analysis/reporting stage is quick and efficient, with charts automatically updating with the final responses. And depending on the demographic cuts of interest, we can narrow our charts down to specific target groups with just a click of a button (such as generational dietary preferences shown below for the US market): 



All these automated steps throughout our entire survey process allows us to share actionable insights with relevant brands as quickly as possible. Our end-to-end platform maps out the entire process to deliver results in just 1-5 business days, strengthening speed, flexibility, and cost savings of research departments. In this case, we are able to shed light on food sustainability and alternative/healthier trends, especially during a time when consumers are increasingly focusing on their health and wellness (of which diets can play a significant role). 


For a full look into our 2021 Food Trends results for the German market, check out the interactive dashboard below: 

Access the full insights dashboard now!

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