A/B Test


The A/B test is a monadic test procedure in which several similarly structured respondent groups (monads) evaluate various stimuli. This allows communication ideas, product concepts, and specific advertising materials to be compared with each other simply and reliably.


Allows simultaneous comparison of various stimuli

  • Which product concept is most likely to win over potential customers?


  • Which advertising message will attract the most attention?


  • Is one of the packaging designs considered especially credible/attractive?


  • How well do different product variants suit the brand?

  • Which product enjoys the highest purchase probability?

Optimizing concepts, designs, and advertising messages in a simple and valid way

The monadic A/B test is implemented in quantilope in such a way that it is easy for the user to understand and offers flexible configuration options at the same time. For instance, a virtual tachistoscope can be used for realistic implementation, and the corresponding stimuli can be simply uploaded as images or video. The definition of the relevant quotas for ensuring subgroup (monad) structural equality provides additional methodological analysis quality and validity. A/B groups are assigned completely automatically based on the specified quotas, analysis, and visualization.  


Directly implementable management insights


Results within a few seconds


Clear, comprehensible set-up


Reliable methodology and analysis


Flexible application possibilities


Automatic calculation and visualization

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