Implicit Multi Association Test (MAT)


Based on neuroscience and reaction time measurements, MAT shows in just a few clicks which brands or products are most strongly subconsciously associated with different characteristics. 


Deep understanding from brands to products

  • How is a brand positioned compared to its competitors?

  • Is the profile of a brand distinct and unique? 


  • Which brands 'owns' which associations in consumers' minds?


  • Which product design fits best to the category?


Uniquely simple and valid

quantilope’s easy, fun implementation allows the Implicit Multi Association Test to be used even without technical or statistical knowledge. At the same time, the quantilope software ensures measurements made on the basis of established neuroscientific insights. The automatic calculation, analysis, and visualization provides you with results in real time that generate immediate impact for your use case.


Immediate business impact


Live analysis and visualization


Fun for respondents


Well-founded in neuroscience


Flexible applications


Simple, intuitive set-up

Case Study

Success story: Consumer Packaged Goods

Agile, customer-oriented brand positioning



  • How can I position my brand strategically and communicatively in the context of the category and the competition?


  • Measure implicit associations with the category and the relevant brand


  • Deep understanding of the category and of my brand in the competitive environment
  • Targeted, customer-oriented brand positioning
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