Net Promoter Score® (NPS®)


NPS® is a business key performance indicator that uses a standardized survey to measure how likely customers are to recommend the company, product, or service. It uses the information thus gained to reach conclusions about customer loyalty and satisfaction.


A key performance indicator (KPI) for each industry

  • Is my brand’s Net Promoter Score® positive?


  • Is the likelihood that customers will recommend my product higher than the market average?


  • How large is the proportion of customers who truly support the brand (promoters)?

  • Is there a positive trend in my customers’ satisfaction with the brand? 


  • How does my Net Promoter Score® trend compare with that of the competition?

Intuitive, application-oriented visualization 

The unique automation in quantilope allows a simple and clear presentation of the NPS® and its development over time. NPS® determination requires only a standardized question about willingness to recommend. This question uses a rating scale of 11 (preset by the software). Calculation is performed automatically, and the result is available immediately at the touch of a button. The software also visualizes this key performance indicator (KPI) in a management-oriented way, including over-time results, allowing appropriate recommendations for action to be recognized at a glance.


Management-oriented Insights


Results at the touch of a button


Simple, intuitive use


Standardized, validated scale


Suitable for all industries


Automatic calculation and visualization

Beispiel Case

Example of success: Mobile network provider

Agile Insights for increasing customer satisfaction

Methode NPS EN


  • How can I increase customer satisfaction to ensure that my brand is frequently recommended?


  • Automated Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) method and measurement of influencing factors


The Result

  • The result showed a low NPS®, indicating an urgent need for action
  • Targeted measures led to an improved NPS® in the follow-on study
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