TURF Analysis


TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) analysis is used to identify the combination of products, features, or advertising media ('items') that has the greatest reach by appealing to the most amount of consumers. 


TURF can also be used to determine the average number of products in the portfolio that each consumer will be reached by. 









Sample research questions using TURF

  • What – and how many – new product/services should I add to extend my product line to optimize purchase potential?

  • What new flavors can I introduce to increase my total reach of consumers?

  • How do I manage to reach at least 80 percent of my target group with the smallest possible number of product variants?


Intuitive Insights

quantilope's end-to-end, automated, platform means that you can easily launch your own TURF studies without statistical expertise. Real-time analysis during the field phase provides instant results that are automatically visualized in clear, easy-to-read charts. 



Robust Methodology


Flexible Applications with Immediate Business Impact


Real-Time Data Analysis and Visualization

TURF Case Study

Access the TURF Pizza Study Dashboard

Winning the Market with the Perfect Product Portfolio



  • A manufacturer of frozen pizzas wants to expand its target group

  • Which variants of frozen pizzas must be offered in order to serve the market optimally?



  • Conducting an automated TURF Analysis

  • Query existing and new variants of frozen pizzas


The Result

  • Actionable insights with the click of a button

  • Optimized product portfolio to expand the target group

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