quantilope + The Clorox Company: A DIY approach to advanced agile research

Recently, The Clorox Company partnered with quantilope to easily unlock advanced consumer analytics for data-driven decision making while introducing agile research processes into their insights department. Below we outline our work to help the leading global CPG brand to leverage quality consumer research to stay at the top of their industry.

The Challenge - The Clorox Company needed a solution to quickly inform business decisions with consumer research to maintain their competitive advantage in the increasingly crowded CPG space. This meant developing a strategy to defend their 15 brands by automating advanced research processes to optimize their range of product pricing, claims, and features without sacrificing on data quality or budget.

The Solution - The brand sought a DIY approach for advanced research to seamlessly launch their own studies as new business projects developed. The team completed platform training with quantilope’s certified research consultants to build a survey template using an automated conjoint. The template was created so their team could immediately relaunch the survey using new stimuli to answer a range of conjoint questions across their entire product portfolio including trash bags, disinfecting wipes, charcoal, dips, and more.

The Result - Once the template was created, the Clorox Company was able to take a DIY approach to launch, field, and analyze 6 conjoint research projects using multiple question types with over 400 respondents each. Each conjoint was completed in less than 1 week - enabling them to stay at the top of their category by bringing insights to their sales team and retailers faster, without comprising on quality or rigor.

“quantilope’s technology is a game-changer in terms of the speed, collaboration, and value added back into our business. The software is intuitive and easy to learn, enabling researchers to do complex research in a fraction of the time other research platforms take.”
- Amy Stevens, Associate Director of Shopper and Retail Insights & Michael McCoy, Shopper Insights Manager; The Clorox Company.

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