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quantilope expands into the U.S. market

quantilope, a German software company, is opening a new branch in New York in January 2019. The new location enhances the successful SaaS company’s international roll-out of its Agile Insights technology in the U.S. market, the world’s largest for market research at $20 billion. 

Hamburg / New York, January 7, 2019   quantilope is expanding into the U.S. market, opening an office in New York at the beginning of the new year. The start-up, founded in Hamburg in 2014, is thus intensifying the international roll-out of its Agile Insights technology and enhancing its expansion of contacts in the U.S. The U.S. market research market is the world’s largest at $20 billion, or 44% of the overall volume. (Source: esomar)

In 2018, quantilope expanded its business in the German-speaking world (DACH) far more than expected. Expansion to the U.S. is the logical next step in internationalization.

Dr. Thomas Fandrich, quantilope’s co-founder and COO, will head up the U.S. business, expanding it from New York. “After Germany, the U.S. is an important market for quantilope’s efforts to continue to successfully scale our international business. We are looking forward to expanding our U.S. contacts in our own in-country office,” Fandrich says. “Having relevant and methodologically well-founded customer insights available in real time is a decisive factor for companies trying to successfully assert themselves in competition. As a thought leader for Agile Insights software, quantilope offers a unique combination of automation, scientific methods, and the best minds in the industry for managing the digital revolution,” Fandrich continues.

Agile Insights technology, recognized for its great innovativeness, enables companies experiencing the digital revolution to measure the needs of customers and consumers in real time, understand them quickly, and incorporate the relevant insights interactively into company processes. Among quantilope’s clients are successful global players such as Dannon, Bahlsen, and Sodastream and well-known institutions and consulting agencies such as GfK and Ernst & Young.

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About quantilope
quantilope is a software company that enables agile, customer-centric business management with its Agile Insights technology. The highly innovative, award-winning all-in-one software makes it easier for companies to put their customers' and consumers' relevant needs center stage in all that they do.

quantilope can be used flexibly to provide support with all corporate decisions. It offers intelligent, automated tools based on the latest quantitative market research methods combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence. The tools are suitable for questions from marketing, product management, demand planning, HR, business development and consulting. Agile teams can use the Agile Insights software to manage the entire insights process on a single platform, from questioning, panel management and data collection to professional insight analysis, visualization and communication. This allows companies to easily understand and measure their customers' requirements in real time and to use these important findings when making decisions.

Developed in 2014 by internationally renowned scientists and experts from the fields of market research, marketing, data science and IT, quantilope has been impressing well-known companies, agencies and institutes ever since.


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