Personality AI

Personality AI is an advanced and innovative method that can help brands identify specific personality traits of their consumers through one single question, based on psychology’s “Big Five” traits. It can be used for a large variety of use cases like Innovation/Concept Tests, Ad Tests, U&A Studies, Brand Research, and as support for Segmentation Studies.

Benefits of quantilope's Personality AI: 

  • Data collection is made very simple and cost-efficient through just one single question
  • Lower chance of respondent fatigue as opposed to a standard rating scale matrix
  • Ensured high-quality data through automated data cleaning, removing poor quality answers from open-text fields

Applications of quantilope's Personality AI

Why are consumers who score high on ‘security’ not using electric vehicles?

Consumers who score high on security don’t use electric vehicles because ‘batteries are difficult to recycle’, ‘charging stations are hard to find’, and they have ‘low range’.

Which personality traits most closely align with various brands of vehicles?

Consumers who prefer BMW score high on ‘security’ (they like predictability) while those who prefer Tesla score high on ‘openness’ (they are willing to try new things)

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