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quantilope Academy 

Online learning catering to all insights professionals looking to improve their advanced method market research knowledge


Inspiring growth and empowerment through quantilope platform knowledge, advanced market research courses, videos, interactive exercises, and real-world examples

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Elevate your research skills

With the Academy, learn basic market research best practices and become an expert on advanced methodologies like TURF, MaxDiff, and more, all intuitively at your fingertips.

Earn certificates to share on social networks

Explore courses at your leisure and show off your hard-earned achievements each time you receive a new course certification from the Academy.


Your Certification Opportunities


quantilope Essentials Course

Get up to speed on quantilope's platform and expand your existing platform knowledge in this starter certification course.


Implicit Methods (SIAT and MIAT)

Discover how to implement Implicit methods to tap into consumers' subconscious - which drives 95% of human decision making.


Automated Tracking

Learn how to design and analyze powerful tracking studies to become a tracking expert for your organization.


Upcoming Certification: Better Brand Health Tracking!

Level up your tracking expertise and get certified in quantilope's Better Brand Health approach to tracking (BBHT).

Inspired by Professor Jenni Romaniuk of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, this certification features deep dives into new metrics such as mental availability and mental advantage analysis.

Your ever-expanding list of available Academy courses:


Project Organization and Settings

Dive into quantilope-specific platform knowledge such as homepage navigation, project organization, and customizable setting options.


Count-Based MaxDiff

Make smarter decisions by understanding how to leverage this advanced method to measure consumer preferences through forced trade-off decisions.


TURF Analysis

Learn how to optimize your audience reach using a TURF analysis which highlights the optimal combination of items that will lead to the greatest reach in your market.


Pro Tips: Survey Design

Uncover the best tips for putting your respondents at the center of your survey design to achieve more reliable insights.


Advanced Field Management

Gain confidence in your field management abilities by learning how to establish quotas, integrate your chosen panel, apply data cleaning filters, and more.

Meet some of your Academy experts!


Anna-Lena Kress

Anna-Lena is quantilope's Senior Learning Experience Designer, leading the development and design of new Academy course content.


Sam Usher

Sam is a Senior Solutions Consultant at quantilope, ensuring Academy course content empowers researchers solve their important business questions.


Philipp von Sethe

Philipp is a Research Consultant on quantilope's Customer Success team, providing his expertise around advanced method applications - such as MaxDiff, for Academy courses.


Greg Benson

Greg is a Strategic Research Lead at quantilope , providing input on strategic applications of advanced methodologies (like TURF) for Academy courses.


Kerstin Reimer

Kerstin is quantilope's Senior Data Scientist with a PhD in Quantitative Marketing Science, helping to craft our Academy advanced method courses to empower users to make better business decisions.


Madita Brandhorst

Madita is quantilope's Senior Tracking Lead and Better Brand Health Tracking subject matter expert, helping to craft the Academy's Better Brand Health Tracking course.

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