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Discover Competitive Opportunities For Your Brand

Use automated, advanced research to discover competitive white spaces and understand competitors' performance. 

Use automated competitive landscape research to

Identify competitive white spaces

What kind of consumer needs aren't being met and how can you solve for them?

Use a competitive landscape analysis to determine white spaces in your category and where you can build a competitive advantage.


Defend market share

What does your growth trajectory look like and how does it stack up to competitors?

Learn if competitive brands are growing much faster than yours, and if so, how to change your product offering, messaging approach, or other aspects of your business to closely compete.

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Understand competitive strategy

What are your competitors doing, and is it working?

A competitive landscape analysis framework lets you keep an eye on the competition to guide your own market strategy that closely resonates with consumers.


Size up new players

Who are the new entrants to your market, and should you be worried?

Map out all current players in your market - big, medium, and small to discover new market entrants that could influence your customer base.


Competitive landscape projects with quantilope


Make competitive business decisions faster through research automation 


Unlock competitive insights with high-quality, advanced method findings 


Use data-backed insights to make better-informed competitive decisions 


Lean on support from quantilope’s classically-trained research consulting team 

"For a company that moves as fast as we do, it’s essential to generate insights at equal momentum. quantilope enables us to do exactly that."

-Sandra Schlicht, Business Insights Manager at Oatly



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