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Advanced Method Research

quantilope’s CI Advanced empowers researchers with the largest set of fully automated, user-friendly advanced research methods, delivering clear recommendations at the speed you need.

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quantilope Ranked Among the Top 10 Most Innovative Suppliers for Market Research 

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Largest suite of advanced methods:

15 advanced methods to answer any strategic business question. quantilope offers the largest suite of automated, advanced methods to answer any business question with confidence.

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Fully automated

no longer question when or how to use an advanced methodology. Each method is fully automated to easily set up, launch, and analyze your data in real-time.

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Personal AI co-pilot:

Simplify the complexities of advanced method projects with quantilope’s AI co-pilot, quinn. Let quinn support and inspire you across the entire research process.

A Platform Approach to Traditional Consumer Research

Maintain pace with the speed of modern business and consumers through advanced insights that offer clear recommendations without traditional agency headaches. Unlock advanced insights in a matter of days and get direct access to all of your research in your own insights repository, rather than individually siloed studies.

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How it Works


Step 1: Easily build your survey using pre-built templates or drag and drop modules - including any of quantilope’s fully automated advanced methods.


Step 2: Connect to any respondents worldwide using your own customer list or one of quantilope’s global panel partners.Set your quotas and go live.


Step 3: Monitor responses in real time, getting a head start on analysis and building your report, which automatically updates as new responses roll in.


Step 4: Dig into your data, slicing and dicing by any respondent group or custom variable you create. Leverage quinn to automatically analyze your findings and generate inspiring key takeaways.


Step 5: Share the results of your study in whichever way is best for you and your team - be it PowerPoint charts or a dynamic insights dashboard complete with statistical testing.

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Fully Automated
& Customizable Quant Methods:

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