Curate an Impressive Product Portfolio

With automated product portfolio analysis, determine an ideal set of products, set optimal prices, and fine-tune product messaging.


Use automated product portfolio research to: 

Improve product features

Which features do your consumers care about most? 

Narrow in on consumers' specific preferences to use as helpful context when developing new products or service offerings.


Optimize your product lineup

Which set of products covers all of your consumers' needs? 

Identify which products are working for your consumers, which you might want to phase out, and any products that you might want to consider producing to curate the optimal portfolio of products. 


Understand product price perceptions

What should you charge for your products?

Find out what price limits consumers have in relation to your products (including what they consider an 'optimal' price).


Solidify inter-brand relationships

Do all of your subbrands have unique identities that play well together? 

Product portfolio analysis benefits brands that have multiple subbrands, verifying if consumers view your overall company as well-structured and strategic. 


Automated advanced methods for a product portfolio analysis study: 


Allow respondents to make tradeoffs between product features, product messaging, and anything else that helps guide your final product development/launch.
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Use a TURF to narrow down the products that reach the most consumers without duplicating business efforts.
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Prompt respondents with video questions about your products and receive video responses back that are automatically analyzed for keywords, facial expressions, and sentiment.
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“For a company that moves as fast as we do, it’s essential to generate insights at equal momentum. quantilope enables us to do exactly that."

-Sandra Schlicht, Business Insights Manager at Oatly

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Product portfolio projects with quantilope

  • Make product portfolio decisions faster through market research automation

  • Unlock product portfolio insights with high-quality, advanced method findings

  • Use data-backed insights to make better-informed product portfolio decisions

  • Lean on support from quantilope’s classically-trained research consulting team


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