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Sell More Products with Optimal Claims

Develop claims using automated, advanced method research for the right message and tone that speak to the needs of consumers in your category.

Use automated claims research to

Test initial product claims

Which claims will help your products sell?

The claims testing process will determine which claims resonate with consumers in terms of understanding, clarity, appeal, recall, and any other metric important to your business objective.


Optimize product claims

What’s the best way to phrase your claims?

A claims testing process involves taking your top-performing message claims and iterating on the best way to position your final product/service in the market.


Optimize the appearance of your claims

How should you visualize your product or service claims?  

Claims testing market research can help your brand decide if it wants to use a large, flashy claim on its product or a more minimalistic style to describe its offer; the style of your claim will tell consumers a lot about what they might expect from your product or services.


Determine claim associations

What does your claim say about your brand? 

Your claims will dictate how consumers view your brand - do your claims match your desired outcome and brand identity?


Claims projects with quantilope


Make important claims decisions faster through research automation


Unlock claims insights with high-quality, advanced method findings


Use data-backed insights to make better-informed claims decisions


Lean on support from quantilope’s classically-trained research consulting team

"In the beginning, I thought I was 100% sure which feature had to be written across the front of the new product. Surprisingly, it was not voted first by the customers [in quantilope’s MaxDiff module]."

-Ole Strohschnieder, Founder and CMO at Just Spices



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