Impress Consumers With an Eye-Catching Brand

Make sure your brand assets are eye-catching, memorable, and modernized with automated, advanced research insights. 


Use automated branding research to:

Confirm your brand identity

Do your current brand assets convey your desired brand identity?

Leverage automated market research as a means of understanding if consumers think of your brand and its related assets in the manner you hope they do; if your brand is intended to be humorous - does it come across that way to consumers?


Build successful co-branded partnerships

How can you collaborate with other brands to mutually benefit from a partnership?

Capture consumer insights to find out which types of companies (or even - which specific other brands) consumers would be most interested in if you were to offer a co-branded product or service. 


Modernize your brand

Is it time to refresh your brand imaging for a modernized look?

Most brands will, at some point, update their brand logo, brand imagery, or other elements to position themselves as a modernized brand that grows with consumers; lean on brand marketing analytics to understand what those modernized changes should be.


Increase brand value

Does your brand convey value and prestige?

A strong brand strategy with aligned brand imagery conveys value to your consumers as a brand that is well-thought-out and structurally organized.


Automated advanced methods for a branding study:

Single Implicit Association Test

Understand implicit reactions to your branding through a SIAT; measure associations like ‘trendy’, ‘modern’, ‘humorous’, ‘impressive’, etc. to see how your brand is perceived.
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Key Driver Analysis

Understand what’s driving current brand value and where there are areas for your brand to generate added value.
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A/B Test

When considering modernizing your brand assets, use an A/B test to understand which assets would perform best in the market (i.e. which colors, logos, etc. do consumers gravitate t...
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“As a small team, it has been great to lean on quantilope’s expertise and guidance for more complex studies while our team continues to tackle the everyday requests. We are able to turn around more projects in less time, which ultimately means we can provide more insights across the business to drive impact.”

-Victoria Kidder, Director of Brand & Customer Insights at DraftKings

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Branding research with quantilope

  • Make important branding decisions faster through research automation

  • Unlock brand analytics through high-quality, advanced method findings

  • Use brand insights analytics to make better-informed branding decisions

  • Lean on support from quantilope’s classically-trained research consulting team for actionable branding trends and insights 


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