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Automated Tracking with quantilope’s Consumer Intelligence Platform

Stay ahead of trends (and your competition) with real-time consumer tracking to discover new growth opportunities for your business.


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quantilope Ranked Among the Top 10 Most Innovative Suppliers for Market Research 


Real-time tracking insights

Don’t wait for an agency to send you preliminary insights to start strategizing.

Automated tracking empowers you to act and react at a speed ahead of competition with direct, real-time access to your data.


Automated, end-to-end efficiency

Less manual calculations, more time for strategic thinking.

Instantly launch new waves with a click of a button and watch your charts automatically update before your eyes. 


Future scalability

Grow as you track, and track as you grow.

Automated tracking studies adapt effortlessly as brands evolve, offering greater flexibility than traditional tracking methods. 

Effortless tracking with impactful results

Tracking research with quantilope is fast, simple, and actionable - enabling researchers to uncover opportunities before they pass to drive meaningful business impact. 


How it works


Step 1: Easily Easily draft your survey using drag & drop modules.


Step 2: Set up your first wave in just a few clicks. Launch new waves instantly whenever you need.


Step 3: Connect to any panel worldwide, thanks to quantilope’s panel agnostic capabilities.


Step 4: Monitor and analyze results in real time, with automated significance testing and the help of quantilope’s AI co-pilot, quinn!


Step 5: Share findings with your team and key stakeholders through a shareable dashboard link - which updates in real time with any changes made.

Better Brand Health Tracking

Based on Professor Jenni Romaniuk's esteemed research at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, Better Brand Health Tracking (BBHT) revolutionizes the way brands track consumer metrics over time. Using Mental Availability and Mental Advantage analyses, BBHT arms businesses with real-time insights and actionable solutions, driving strategic decision-making and accelerating brand growth.


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