Create Compelling Advertisements

Use automated ad testing research to build winning advertising assets that evoke the desired response from consumers.


Use automated advertising research to:

Optimize your advertising

What will your consumers respond the best to?

Use ad testing tools to build consumer language into your campaigns by testing advertisement assets such as copy edits, writing styles, quotes, and more to see which are most impactful.


Test your video advertisements

What do consumers notice and remember about your video ads?

Online ad testing informs you if respondents remember seeing certain visuals or versions of your video ad, giving you a good idea of how consumers will react and remember your videos in the real world.


Increase funnel conversion

How do you convert viewers of your ads into customers of your brand?

Ad testing research will narrow down the messaging and call-to-actions that are best at converting consumers into customers as a result of seeing your ad.


Measure pre/post-campaign metrics

Was the outcome of your ad worth the money put in?

Compare new survey data to benchmark metrics to learn if your advertising strategy is paying off.


Automated advanced methods for an advertising study:

Single Implicit Association Test

Use a SIAT to capture immediate reactions toward an advertising campaign and to learn if it evokes the desired associations.
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A/B Pre-Roll Test

Test different iterations of your advertisement ideas or test a final concept before implementing it in the market.
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Prompt consumers with video questions about your advertising and receive video responses back that are automatically analyzed for keywords, facial expressions, and sentiment.
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“With quantilope, OMD completes campaign testing in 24-48 hours to quickly identify the best advertising & media assets for optimal campaign success.”

-Klaus Stinnertz, Managing Director at OMD (Germany)



Advertising projects with quantilope

  • Make important advertising decisions faster through research automation

  • Use quantilope as an ad testing tool to unlock insights with high-quality, advanced methods

  • Use data-backed insights to make better-informed advertising decisions

  • Lean on support from quantilope’s classically-trained research consulting team


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