Stay On Top of Consumer Trends

Trends change fast, but trend tracking research allows you to act faster and stay on top of the latest changes in your market with a trend tracking study. 


Use automated trend tracking to:

Identify ongoing market changes

How is your industry shifting over time and how can you stay ahead? 

Trend tracking tools are your first source of information on how your industry is shifting - with automated statistical testing highlighting significant lifts or declines in key metrics. 


Build marketing campaigns that connect to real-time consumer trends

How can you market your products as relevant solutions to real-time needs? 

Knowing what consumers are looking for at any moment in time through a trend analysis research report helps plan your marketing and communication style in a way that responds to those needs.

For example, check out how Kraft Heinz planned their 'mini cheesecake' campaign around a rising trend for mini foods. 


Continually inform new product/service development

What should you be offering to meet changing market needs? 

When brands prioritize a trend analysis research methodology to build current trends into their business objectives, consumers notice. These are the brands consumers will gravitate toward for the latest and greatest products or services on the market that meet their modernized needs. 


Navigate through a crisis

How can we manage our brand through a crisis?

Trend analysis research aids your business in navigating a variety of challenging situations from a market crisis to global pandemics, and even scandals.



“Our tracker enables our team to build deep consumer empathy, to understand what’s motivating consumers, and see how that’s evolving over time.”

- Abbey Hubregsen, Sr. Consumer Insights Manager at Kraft Heinz

kraft heinz


Trend tracking projects with quantilope

  • Make important decisions faster through research automation 

  • Unlock new consumer trend insights with high-quality research findings

  • Use data-backed insights to make better-informed decisions

  • Lean on support from quantilope’s classically-trained research consultant team 


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