Ensure the Price
is Right

Use automated pricing research to learn what consumers are willing to pay for your products or to navigate changing market dynamics.


Use automated pricing research to:

Set new pricing

What can (and should) you charge for your new product or service?

You can’t just set any price you want and hope that it works out; use pricing research methods to find an optimal price point or acceptable price range for your buyers.


Stay competitively priced

Are you charging a fair price for your category?

If you’re the most expensive brand in your category - are consumers getting something out of it that they can’t get anywhere else? And if you’re the cheapest brand in your category  - could you be charging more without losing a customer base?


Safeguard your pricing during inflation

How do you maintain a consistent customer base regardless of what happens in the economy?

Pricing research methodologies like Van Westendorp help understand price sensitivity for your products or services to proactively make necessary pricing changes without losing loyal customers.


Maximize your market share

Is your pricing strategy designed to capture your maximum consumer base?

Leverage consumer data to see how price-sensitive your current customers are, or to see the impact a new pricing strategy would have on reaching a new group of consumers. 


Automated advanced methods for a pricing study: 

Price Sensitivity Meter (PSM)

Also known as Van Westendorp’s Price Sensitivity Meter, this method asks four specific pricing research questions to find an optimal price and an acceptable price range based on co...
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Choice-based Conjoint

As consumers make tradeoff decisions between overall product prototypes, automated analysis uncovers how much pricing plays a role in their product preference.
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A/B Test

Use an A/B Test to compare two or more pricing models for a proposed product or service.
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"With an average of five conjoint analysis projects a year, which we used to commission externally, quantilope’s all-in-one platform saves us around 50,000 to 70,000 Euros each year."

-Hermann Hausenbiegl, Head of Customer Insights & Analytics at Zurich Austria



Pricing projects with quantilope

  • Make important pricing decisions faster through market research automation

  • Unlock advanced pricing insights with high-quality pricing research methodologies

  • Explore different pricing research techniques to make better-informed pricing decisions

  • Lean on support from quantilope’s classically-trained research consulting team


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