Get Your Products on Retailers' Shelves

quantilope's shelf optimization research uses quantitative methods for brands & retailers to identify what types of products consumers are most likely to purchase in-store or online.


Use automated shelf optimization research to:

Get your products on retailers' shelves

What are consumers most likely to buy?

Use a shelf space optimization model to identify which types of products your category consumers are most likely to purchase from retailers, and curate your product line accordingly. 


Understand how consumers make product decisions

How are your consumers making product decisions in-store or online?

Understand the shopper's journey to learn how your consumers make product decisions, what they look for, which needs they look to solve, and anything else that helps convince retailers to shelve your products. 


Streamline your product SKUs

Which current products are your high-performers, which should you phase out, and which go well together on the shelf?

Learn how to maximize shelf space so you're not wasting space on product SKUs that don’t generate a strong return, don't reach the right audience, or risk cannibalization in a certain territory. 


Strengthen retailer relationships

How does your consumer data benefit retail decision-makers?

Grow retailer partnerships with shelf level retail solutions that provide valuable insights into what consumers are most likely to purchase from shelves and what an optimal shelf lineup looks like.


Automated advanced methods for a shelf optimization study:


Use a TURF to narrow down the products on a shelf that reach the most consumers without duplicating business efforts.
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Prompt consumers with video questions about their shopping journey and receive video responses back that are automatically analyzed for keywords, facial expressions, and sentiment.
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A/B Test

Use an A/B Test to compare products or shelf options and determine the top-performers.
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“[With quantilope] we’ve done a lot of TURF analysis to cut our SKUs in half, we use MaxDiff methods to screen early innovations at the idea level, and much more.”

-Andy Smith, VP of Consumer Insights at Flowers Foods



Shelf optimization with quantilope

  • Make product shelving decisions faster through market research automation

  • Determine shelf space allocation optimization with high-quality, advanced method findings

  • Use data-backed insights to make better-informed shelving decisions

  • Lean on support from quantilope’s classically-trained research consulting team.


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