Navigate Any Category With Confidence

Use automation and advanced method research to understand dynamics within your current category or in new categories you’re looking to break into.


Use automated category exploration research to:

Uncover category whitespaces

Is there room in your category to expand? 

Use a category exploration study to survey consumers about their unmet needs; these category exploration insights will guide your future business decisions and new product offers.


Find what’s driving category behavior

What motivates consumers in your category? 

Category exploration studies determine how important various drivers (e.g. features, characteristics) are to your brand - such as brand liking or purchase intention. 


Understand category associations

What do consumers implicitly associate with your category? 

Identify what consumers subconsciously associate with your category so you can cater product development and messaging around those ideas.


Keep customers satisfied 

Are customers in your category happy? 

Find out if category consumers are generally happy, what they’re looking for in category products/services, and how your brand is measuring up.


Automated advanced methods for a category exploration study:

Single Implicit Association Test

Use a single-implicit association test (SIAT) to learn about consumers' associations in your category.
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Key Driver Analysis

Explore what’s driving category outcomes - like category satisfaction, category purchase intent, or category consideration.
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quantilope’s need-based segmentation breaks up your category’s audience into actionable, niche groups depending on their differing needs for brands, products, or services.
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“quantilope has made the process of creating survey questions, finding sample, and reporting findings user-friendly and organized. It is truly a one-stop shop for all things involved in market research.”

-Dylan Rose, Sr. Manager of Business Intelligence at PBS



Category exploration projects with quantilope

  • Use quantilope as a category exploration solution to make quicker decisions thanks to market research automation

  • Unlock category insights with high-quality, advanced method findings

  • Use data-backed insights to make better-informed category decisions

  • Lean on support from quantilope’s classically-trained research consulting team to explore insights in your category


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