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Design Standout Packaging

Leverage automated packaging design research for optimal product packaging that captures consumer interest and converts shoppers into purchasers of your brand.

Use automated packaging research to

Design the perfect package

Which packaging elements should you include in your new product to convert shoppers?

A packaging study can provide packaging design tips around what consumers are looking for; do they want their products packaged in plastic or paper? bags or boxes? taller or wider?


Size your offer

What package size are your consumers looking for?

Determine the value consumers are looking for out of your product - such as what they’re willing to pay for a product that’s 8 ounces vs. one that’s 12.


Optimize existing packaging

Is the current design of your product packaging meeting the needs of consumers?

Reevaluate your product packaging periodically to ensure it still meets the needs of current-day consumers.


Navigate shopper insights

How does packaging impact how consumers are shopping in your category?

Use a quantitative or qualitative study to follow your consumers on their buying journey and learn the role packaging plays in their final buying decision.


Packaging projects with quantilope


Use quantilope as a packaging design tool to make faster packaging decisions through market research automation 


Unlock packaging insights with high-quality, advanced method findings 


Use data-backed insights to make better-informed packaging decisions 


Lean on support from quantilope’s classically-trained research consulting team 

"The access to easy-to-use advanced methodologies gives me so much more confidence in the insights that I’m sharing with my stakeholders and the recommendations I’m making. It’s extremely empowering."

-Kristen Archibald, Sr. Consumer Insights Manager at PAX



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