Your Guide To Better Brand Health Tracking

In this Guide to Better Brand Health Tracking, learn how to set up and run a modern day brand health tracking project for better, clearer, more actionable business recommendations.

How To Select a Top-Tier Market Research Technology

To keep up with modern day consumers, traditional/agency research vendors with extensive timelines and expensive fees no longer work for brands trying to stay competitive. That's why more and more res...

Your Guide To Implementing AI Into Your Market Research Process

Amidst all the buzz about AI, you might be wondering how to leverage Artificial Intelligence to enhance and streamline your market research process. In quantilope's guide, Implementing AI Into Your Ma...

The Importance of Advanced Methodologies in Consumer Research

We talk a lot about advanced methods - and for good reason. Advanced methods are a means of research that go beyond the 'what' to get at the 'why'.

Five Misconceptions About Tracking Research

If you've been shying away from tracking research for fear of not having the time or resources, this one's for you.

Guide to Automated Tracking Research

Consumer insights drive business growth strategies, often separating successful businesses from ones that rely on gut feel or instinct. However, consumer insights are always evolving, making it diffic...

The Path to Best-in-Class Insights

Consumer insights and market research functions within an organization are at the root of all strategic business decisions (or at least, they should be). These teams are the heartbeat of an organizati...

How to Buy Research Technology in 2023

Budgeting can be hard. Learn how to make it easier by adopting a research technology for your insights department in 2023.

Tapping Into Consumers' Subconscious Through Implicit Research

Brands have the option to use any number of research methods - be it a MaxDiff, TURF, Segmentation, or Key Driver Analysis. All advanced research methods have their own unique benefits, but one, in pa...

Your Guide to Automated Brand Tracking Research

Brand tracking research is the consistent monitoring of quantitative data to identify shifts in consumer sentiment over a dedicated period of time.

New Consumer Trends in Sustainability, in Partnership with Kraft Heinz

quantilope’s 2022 Consumer Trends in Sustainability, in partnership with Kraft Heinz, explores how consumers feel about the topic of sustainability and the actions they are taking to be more sustainab...

quantilope's Ultimate Guide to Automated Pricing Research

Pricing research is any form of research that provides a brand with information telling them what consumers are willing and able to spend on their products and/or services.

Key Considerations When Buying a Market Research Technology

This white paper highlights the four key areas to consider when exploring new market research (mrx) technologies.

DIY Research: A Step-by-Step Guide to Run Your Own Advanced Projects

This whitepaper breaks down quantilope's approach to DIY Research, making research more accessible and approachable to even those with little industry experience.

Shopper Insights: Developing Strategic Partnerships Through Advanced Research

Download quantilope’s Shopper Insights micro report exploring how advanced research methodologies can be leveraged as a tool to form strategic partnerships between brands and retailers.

Brand Tracking Guide: Methods, Benefits, and a Case Study

quantilope's Guide to Brand Tracking Research provides a framework for how to create an effective brand tracker and how to leverage automated tracking for real-time results.

From Qual to Quant

From Qual to Quant provides a three-step, scalable process, for researchers to leverage advanced quantitative insights as an alternative to qualitative research.

Whitepaper: Automated Tools for Implicit Research

Subconscious associations, emotions, and motives are extremely important to influencing which products consumers purchase and prefer. The human brain makes evaluations within milliseconds and influenc...

7 Learnings From Agile Insights Transformations

How can you enhance your insights department? Focusing on our work helping brands and agencies adopt agile principles into their research processes, quantilope's latest white paper provides seven key ...