Guide to Automated Tracking Research

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Consumer insights drive business growth strategies, often separating successful businesses from ones that rely on gut feel or instinct. However, consumer insights are always evolving, making it difficult for brands to keep up and stay relevant; that is, unless they leverage tracking research.


In this Guide to Automated Tracking Research, we cover what makes tracking research so important for those companies trying to keep up with changing consumer trends, the various types of tracking research available, and how automation makes tracking research accessible - regardless of team size, budget, or expertise. 


The guide starts with an introduction to what tracking research is. Many market research agencies offer tracking research, though it tends to be time-consuming, rigid, and expensive. On the other hand, market research software tools make research tracking studies quick, flexible, and within budget. The best market research software will even automate data processing tasks, allowing you to view your tracking data in real-time each wave. 


The guide moves on to explore types of tracking besides just brand tracking studies, the steps you can take to set up your own tracker, and the benefits of doing research over a period of time. 


Download the full guide below!

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