Brand Value: What It Is, How To Build It, and How To Measure It

In this post, learn what brand value is, how it differs from other key metrics such as brand equity, and key components that feed into brand value.

What Are Brand Perceptions and How Can You Measure Them?

This blog post covers the basics of brand perception - including what brand perceptions are, why perceptions are important, and ways you can measure perceptions for your brand. Brand perception can dr...

How Can Brands Build, Measure, and Manage Brand Equity?

In this post, we’ll cover what brand equity is, how to build brand equity up over time, and ways to measure/monitor brand equity over time.

How To Use a Brand Insights Tool To Improve Your Branding Strategy

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quantilope's 5th Consecutive Year as a 'Fastest Growing Tech Company'

For the fifth year in a row, quantilope has been named in Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 ranking - proving continued, significant growth over the course of several years.

Automated Survey Setup: How To Utilize AI-Generated Question Inputs

Artificial intelligence has its place across the entire end-to-end research process, but one area in particularly where it will save researchers a lot of time and energy is in the survey development s...

How To Use AI To Integrate Advanced Research Methods in Surveys

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your research studies to easily leverage advanced research methodologies is one of the best ways to turn basic usage and attitude metrics into detailed, a...

Your Guide To Better Brand Health Tracking

In this Guide to Better Brand Health Tracking, learn how to set up and run a modern day brand health tracking project for better, clearer, more actionable business recommendations.

Better Brand Health Tracking: What's the 'Takeout' Soda Brand?

As any brand within the beverage industry, you need to carve out your own niche within the crowded space. In our fourth wave of our soda category Better Brand Health Tracking study, we explore a new m...

Better Brand Health Tracking Series: Mental Advantage Analysis

Previously in our Better Brand Health Tracking series we've talked about everything from the basics of a BBHT approach to specific aspects of the solution such as Category Entry Points (CEPs) and Ment...

How To Use AI for Automated Data Analysis and Visualization

With the rise in automation and artificial intelligence (AI), it seems silly not to take advantage of these AI market research tools within your projects. Automation and AI significantly streamline su...

quantilope Welcomes Chief Financial Officer, Tom Fencl

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Tom Fencl as quantilope’s Chief Financial Officer!

New quantilope Academy Course: Designing Optimal and Effective Surveys

Get ready to level up your survey design skills! Our Academy course on Survey Design is now available to equip you with essential skills to create effective surveys. The course covers the basics of hi...

How To Streamline and Act On Your Research Tracking Results

In this blog post, we review some of the ways to streamline and take action on valuable tracking insights that can positively shift the trajectory of your business planning.

4 Reasons To Migrate & Relaunch Your Tracking Studies

In the ever-evolving landscape of consumerism, staying ahead of the competition requires agile adaptability and operational efficiency; one crucial aspect to those efficiencies is trusted tracking res...

How To Validate Ideas With Concept Testing

In this article, we’ll explain what concept testing is, how to run this type of market research, and how quantilope’s advanced methodologies validate your concept ideas to move forward with confidence...

What Is Trend Analysis in Research? Types, Methods, and Examples

Trends are everywhere. They are central to how businesses craft their product development, marketing, and social media strategies, and how consumers go about purchasing decisions.

quantilope Earns Globally-Recognized ISO 27001 Certificate

After several years of extensive training sessions, learnings, and audits, quantilope is proud to share it has earned a globally-recognized certificate: ISO 27001.

quantilope Launches quinn: The AI Co-Pilot For Advanced Consumer Research

To continue offering the most competitive and leading insights platform, quantilope is proud to introduce quinn, our automated AI co-pilot for advanced consumer research!

What Are Quantitative Survey Questions? Types and Examples

Quantitative survey questions are designed to elicit clear, non-ambiguous answers that can be quantified and compared across a sample of respondents.