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September 7, 2023: IIEX Virtual Event


Lucas Bremer, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, quantilope
Jannik Meyners, Director of Data Science, quantilope


September 13, 2023: AMA Webinar

Fast Track Your Tracking: 
MoneyGram’s Approach to Building a Global Research Tracker Alongside a Major Formula 1 Sponsorship

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September 20, 2023: Quirk's Webinar
Using Practical Use Cases of AI to Double Research Productivity
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October 12, 2023: WIRe Webinar
New Brand Health Tracking: Grow with Mental Availability
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December 13, 2023: Quirk's Webinar
Details coming soon.

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choice based conjoint analysis

Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis Guide [Example Questions and Case Study]

In this article, we take a look at the benefits of choice-based conjoint (CBC), how and when to ...
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quantilope & Quirk's: Practical Use Cases of AI in Consumer Research

Join quantilope’s Chief Product Officer, Lucas Bremer, and Director of Data Science, Jannik Meyners ...
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quantilope & AMA: Fast Track Your Tracking Research

Hear from Chris Wardlaw, Head of Global Research and Insights at MoneyGram International, ...
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