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Track the Performance of Your Advertising Assets Over Time

Measure the success of your ad campaigns over time with ad tracking research, comparing new wave metrics to initial wave benchmark metrics.

Use automated ad tracking to

Track the impact of your advertising

Are viewers of your ads converting into buyers of your brand? 

Use ad tracking tools to understand the impact and success of your campaign - do those who say they recall seeing your ad end up buying your advertised product or service?


Quantify exposure over time

How many consumers are seeing your ad assets over your campaign period? 

Ad tracking software can measure exposure over time so you know if it’s worth keeping a campaign live longer or pulling it to focus on the next approach. 


Continue to be relevant

How do you incorporate current trends into your ad campaign strategy? 

Measuring an ad campaign over time with ad tracking software lets you know if your current approach is still relevant despite changing markets or newly introduced trends.


Allocate advertising budget appropriately

Which channels are the most effective for our ads? 

Ad tracking research provides insights into which advertising channels, platforms, or placements are delivering the best results so you allocate your advertising budget to the channels that yield the highest return on investment. 


Ad tracking projects with quantilope


Make important advertising decisions faster through automated ad tracking research 


Unlock new advertising insights with high-quality research findings


Use data-backed insights to make better-informed ad decisions


Lean on support from quantilope’s classically-trained research consultant team 

“For clients needing results fast, quantilope is a game changer. We can now quickly and easily run market research projects to fuel campaign development and as a result, build stronger campaigns for our clients.”

- Klaus Stinnertz, Managing Director of OMD Germany



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