Identify Different Consumer Groups

Identify the right consumers for your products or services through automated consumer segmentation research.


Use automated consumer segmentation research to:

Identify consumer segments

What kind of natural groups make up your broader target audience? 

Use an automated segmentation study to find out how consumers within your overall target audience differ from one another to effectively target them with your products and services. 


Inventory consumer needs

Are you maintaining a loyal and satisfied customer base according to their needs? 

Use a consumer segmentation study to measure how well your brand's products or services are delivering on consumer needs - which in turn affects consideration, usage, satisfaction, and other key metrics.


Reach new consumers

How can you grow your current customer base? 

Learn about a new potential audience in your category to see if they would be a good fit for your brand in terms of their needs, wants, and preferences.


Create more effective marketing

How do you reach and engage your different consumer groups? 

Use an automated segmentation study to identify different consumer groups that you can target with unique messaging. Develop campaigns around these unique messaging styles for each of your segments. 


Automated advanced methods for a consumer segmentation study: 


Break up your target audience into actionable, niche groups depending on their differing needs, and use these insights to closely tailor your offerings based on each audience.
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Key Driver Analysis

What’s driving each of your consumers to make a purchase from your brand - is it convenience, customer satisfaction, product features, or something else?
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Use inColor to prompt your consumers with video questions and receive video responses back that are automatically analyzed for keywords, facial expressions, and sentiment.
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“Results from [our quantilope] study have helped to advise marketing strategy and have a better understanding of which parts of our audience we need to target
more closely.”

- Dylan Rose, Sr. Manager, Business Intelligence at PBS



Consumer segmentation projects with quantilope

  • Make important consumer decisions faster through research automation

  • Unlock consumer insights with high-quality, advanced method findings

  • Use data-backed insights to make better-informed consumer decisions

  • Lean on support from quantilope’s classically-trained research consulting team


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