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Explore three waves of Better Brand Health Tracking in quantilope's newly-updated soda category study!

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New to the quantilope Academy: Implicit Methods Certification Course

Did you know that a significant portion of your consumers' decisions are made as a result of their subconscious associations? Tap into this hidden realm and enhance your business strategies with quant...

quantilope Ranks Among GRIT's 2023 Top 10 Most Innovative Suppliers

quantilope has been named one of the top 10 'Most Innovative Suppliers' in GRIT's 2023 Business & Innovation Report.

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quantilope has announced the upcoming release of multiple AI solutions and tools across the entire consumer research process from survey creation to data analysis, project summaries, and more - all wi...

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This blog focuses on data collection methods in research - including various types of data collection methods to leverage, why they’re important, and how quantilope can help.

8 Best Brand Health Tracking Software and Tools

In this blog, we’ll look at how best to monitor and track brand health using market research. Just like people, brands go through good times and bad. They can be thriving for months, years, or even de...

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Better Brand Health Tracking Series: Benefits of Mental Availability

If you read our last post in our BBHT series, you might be wondering what the big deal is about Category Entry Points (CEPs) and Mental Availability (MA) - two empirically-grounded concepts based on t...

Better Brand Health Tracking Series: Reasons To Track Mental Availability

In this Better Brand Health Tracking blog series post, we highlight the reasons you should care about this modernized approach to traditional brand health tracking. And if you haven’t read the earlier...

Better Brand Health Tracking Series: CEPs & Mental Availability

In this next post in our BBHT series, we highlight two empirically-grounded market research concepts for Better Brand Health Tracking known as Category Entry Points (CEPs) and Mental Availability.

Better Brand Health Tracking Series: Mental Availability for Soda

To put our new Better Brand Health Tracking approach into context, let’s explore our process from start to finish with our soda category BBHT study.

Better Brand Health Tracking Series: The Basics

Brand health tracking is a way for brands to monitor how their brand is performing in the market over time - both in terms of sales/revenue and how consumers perceive their brand.

Brand Health Tracking: How To Measure + Helpful Monitoring Tools

This blog explores brand health tracking - including what it is, how to measure it, and important brand health tools for monitoring over time.

Let's Get Tracking With quantilope Academy's Better Brand Health Course!

We're thrilled to announce that the Better Brand Health Tracking course is now live in the quantilope Academy!