Frequently Asked Questions


How does quantilope differ from other market research companies?

quantilope differentiates itself from other market research companies through its unique combination of speed, substance, and empowerment. Our end-to-end platform maps the entire market research process from the research question to the questionnaire design, professional panel management, in-depth analysis, and data visualization - meaning that you’ll never have to work with multiple vendors on a single research project again. Our advanced automated methods include Conjoint, MaxDiff, TURF, Implicit Association Tests, Van Westendorp, Key Driver Analysis, A/B Test, Penalty Reward, Segmentation, and NPS®. Each method is customizable to easily provide high-quality insights to any of your business needs, while quantilope’s Success Lab (our team of certified research consultants) is available to provide on-going project support.

What kind of users does quantilope service?

quantilope supports researchers at every level. We work with veteran market researchers, brand insights teams, and marketing departments across all industries. Our Success Lab (quantilope’s team of certified research consultants) provides platform training - and for newer users - are available to provide ongoing project support on research design, method set up and optimization, platform and sample management, data analysis, reporting, and general system inquiries. 

What is an Agile toolkit?

An agile toolkit is a set of custom methods and tests that can be personalized, conducted in a specific order, and adapted to your specific company/market needs. Rooted in automation, agile toolkits enable you to run iterative learning loops in every stage of your product and campaign development where the results of the previous step are directly included in each subsequent step.

How are you able to turn around a project in less than 5 business days?

quantilope’s Insights Automation Platform is fully automated making it capable of providing answers to your advanced market research questions in less than one week. These quick turn around times are dependent on a collaborative relationship with our clients. As soon as we have your research questions, objectives, and stimuli we can send projects live. Our platform automatically begins analyzing and visualizing data as soon as the first few respondents come in. Once projects are live, the typical turnaround time (based on project complexity)  is 1 - 5 business days. 


What levels of service do you provide clients?

quantilope’s platform provides three tiers of service, designed to support researchers at every level. Our service levels include:

Do it Yourself (DIY) - Clients are provided with platform training and are then given full access to run their projects independently of quantilope’s research consultants. A DIY approach is well-suited for established market researchers who require minimal support. 

Assisted Service - A DIY approach with access to quantilope’s Success Lab. The Success Lab provides panel management, platform onboarding, training, and continuous project support while clients build, field, and analyze their own projects and create their own insights dashboards. 

Managed Service - Clients provide project input (research question, target audience, stimuli, etc.) while quantilope’s research consultants build, field, analyze, and create insights dashboards for each project. 

How does your pricing model work?

The majority of our clients operate on 12-month rolling agreements with pricing based on the number and complexity of projects, the number of users, and the level support needed for your organization.

Where do you source your sample from?

quantilope’s platform is panel agnostic meaning that you can connect any panel to the platform. You can bring your own panel, connect an external panel, work with one of our certified global panel partners, or add links to social media networks and newsletters to connect to your consumers without using a panel. All panels are linked directly into quantilope’s platform. 

What are the quality standards of your panel partnerships?

Our panel providers are ISO-certified and members of the following associations: AAPOR, MRIA, AMA, ARF, and BVM. quantilope’s data quality process includes recruitment consistency, technical checks, quality checks, automated checks, and fraud/customer feedback. Association affiliations and processes may vary depending on partner and country.

Is quantilope a DIY platform?

quantilope is an automated, end-to-end platform mapping the entire market research process from the research question to the questionnaire design, professional panel management, in-depth analysis, and data visualization. Advanced clients are encouraged to take a DIY approach, while newer researchers are supported by quantilope’s Success Lab (our team of certified research consultants) or choose to have their projects fully run by quantilope through the ‘Managed Service’ route.  

Do you offer a software trial?

Depending on the size, type, and fit, we offer either a free limited trial or a free pilot study. For qualified companies, pilot studies include a single project using one of quantilope’s advanced automated research methods.


What automated methods does quantilope offer?

quantilope’s platform automates advanced research methodologies including Choice Based Conjoint, MaxDiff, TURF, Implicit Association Tests, Van Westendorp, Key Driver Analysis, A/B Test, Penalty Reward, and NPS®. Each is customizable with a simple set up process to easily provide high-quality insights to all of your business needs.

We also offer both brand and ad automated tracking capabilities to effortlessly monitor changes to your brands and campaigns perception, performance, and consumer behavior patterns over time. You can read our full list of additional features on our features page here.

Can I run surveys with consumers in multiple countries?

quantilope’s multi-country feature allows you to connect with consumers in different languages and across multiple regions/countries. You can upload your translated survey directly into quantilope’s platform or work with one of our translation partners to do the work for you. quantilope’s multi-country feature allows you to compare results from consumers in different markets to instantly highlight significant differences. 

How do you ensure the validity of quantilope’s methods? 

We have a dedicated science team who continuously tests our automated methods against manual analysis during their development and implementation into quantilope’s platform. We test multiple different use cases including simple, complex, and edge cases, integrating quality KPI’s to control for proper method application and to provide recommendations and guardrails (e.g. on the design). 

Can I invite my own customers to survey's on quantilope's platform?

Absolutely! You can invite your own customers, for example by sharing a link to your study through email, newsletters, or on social media networks.

Can you export the data from quantilope’s platform?

Each questionnaire can be exported into a Word document including all questions, answer options, and routing conditions. Raw data can be exported in Excel or SPSS, and charts images can be exported into PowerPoint. 

Is quantilope able to code open-end responses?

Yes, you can code open-ended responses with quantilope. These responses will be displayed in a word cloud where terms that are frequently mentioned are displayed larger than the terms mentioned less often.

You can also define keywords (e.g. brand names) and display the percentage frequency of such keywords in a chart. When doing so, quantilope’s platform will also take different spellings/small typos into account.

For more complex open responses, data can be exported, manually coded and then re-imported as a nominally scaled variable into the platform.

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