quantilope's Guide to Brand Tracking Research

quantilope's Guide to Brand Tracking Research provides a framework for how to create an effective brand tracker and how to leverage automated tracking for real-time results.  

From Qual to Quant

From Qual to Quant provides a three-step, scalable process, for researchers to leverage advanced quantitative insights as an alternative to qualitative research.

7 learnings from Agile Insights Transformations

How can you enhance your insights department? Focusing on our work helping brands and agencies adopt agile principles into their research processes, quantilope's latest white paper provides seven key ...

White Paper: Automated Tools for Implicit Research

Subconscious associations, emotions, and motives are extremely important to influencing which products consumers purchase and prefer. The human brain makes evaluations within milliseconds and influenc...

Three Great Methods to Determine Price Acceptance

How to find the best technique for your survey