Five Misconceptions About Tracking Research

five misconceptions of tracking research

If you've been shying away from tracking research for fear of not having the time or resources, this one's for you. 


In this report, we debunk the five main misconceptions brands have about tracking research. Why? Because at quantilope, we believe that consistent, timely consumer insights shouldn't be difficult for businesses to obtain, nor strip them of their quarterly or annual budget. 


While tracking studies aren't new to the market research industry, the ways of doing so are. Brands no longer need to rely on traditional market research agencies that can take weeks to run a single wave of a tracking project, process the data, and report the findings. By the time the findings are available, consumer insights may have already shifted considerably, leaving the brand to react rather than act.


Instead, online market research software is changing the industry - tracking projects included. With this shift toward consumer intelligence platforms and research software, tracking studies don't have to be the headache that many brands might consider them to be. 


Access the report below to debunk the five tracking research misconceptions that insights teams have (perhaps yourself included), and to feel confident about starting (or continuing) your own tracking research studies.

Download Your Report: Five Misconceptions About Tracking Research

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