Your Guide To Better Brand Health Tracking

better brand health tracking whitepaper on computer screen

In this Guide to Better Brand Health Tracking, learn how to set up and run a modern day brand health tracking project for better, clearer, more actionable business recommendations. 


quantilope's Better Brand Health Tracking approach derives from Professor Jenni Romaniuk's work at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute (author of Better Brand Health and co-author of How Brands Grow Part 2). This approach leverages key metrics and analyses that many traditional brand health trackers lack: Category Entry Points (CEPs), Mental Availability Metrics, and Mental Advantage analysis


Readers of this Guide will learn the value of each of these metrics and analyses and how they directly relate to business growth. Additionally, the Guide paints a clear picture of how Better Brand Health Tracking differs from traditional tracking approaches. 


Ready to dive into Better Brand Health Tracking? Access your Guide below! 

Download Your Guide To Better Brand Health Tracking!


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