Your Guide to Automated Brand Tracking Research

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Brand tracking research is the consistent monitoring of quantitative data to identify shifts in consumer sentiment over a dedicated period of time.


What is Brand Tracking? 

More specifically, brand tracking studies are a way for brands to grasp a continuous measure of important consumer metrics to their business, such as overall satisfaction, purchase frequency, brand loyalty, and more. Brands choose the frequency of their respective tracking studies by what makes the most sense for their product or service - such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Regardless of frequency, these kinds of studies can be hugely advantageous to brands of any category, but only when done correctly. 


Brand Tracking with quantilope

In quantilope's Guide to Brand Tracking, brands will learn why tracking research is so important, how to efficiently design a brand tracking study, metrics to consider when setting a brand tracker up, and how to automate the set-up for a seamless ongoing capture of consumer data.  

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Download the Guide below to explore: 

  • How to build an effective brand tracker for your business 
  • Key considerations to keep in mind when setting up a tracker
  • How to leverage automation for an easy-to-use, fast approach to tracking
  • Tips for guiding your company's campaign strategies toward achieving higher ROI


Download the Guide to Brand Tracking



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