Better Brand Health Tracking Based on The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

Monitor the health of your brand using Better Brand Health Tracking concepts based on the acclaimed work of Professor Jenni Romaniuk of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute: Category Entry Points, Mental Availability, and Mental Advantage.


Use automated Better Brand Health Tracking to: 

Track the Mental Availability of your brand

How do you grow your brand and be top of mind in more buying scenarios?

Mental Availability is when consumers think of your specific brand in a buying situation. Leverage an automated Better Brand Health Tracking (BBHT) solution to understand the Mental Availability of your brand and competitors over time. 


Monitor four key brand health metrics

Do people know and think about your brand in key buying scenarios? 

As highlighted in Jenni Romaniuk's acclaimed book - Better Brand Health, BBHT research provides four valuable mental availability metrics to guide business decisions:

Mental Market Share - how present your brand is in consumers’ minds

Mental Penetration - how many consumers have at least some mental availability of your brand

Network Size - how broad brand associations are

Share of Mind - which other brands are your consumers thinking of?

Convert non-buyers into buyers of your brand

How can you strategically grow your brand over time to stay relevant with consumers? 

Brands grow when they understand the specific entry points in which consumers think of their category, and when they get to know current non-buyers of their brand (both of which are more actionable than simply knowing who’s aware of, considering, or using their brand). A brand tracker lets you know who these valuable consumers are. 


Grow Your Brand Through Mental Advantage

Where might your brand (and competitors) have room for growth?  

BBHT solutions give brands the first notice of market or trend changes so they can adjust accordingly. One analysis in particular that visualizes a brand's room for opportunity is Mental Advantage. This BBHT analysis highlights where a brand has an advantage for a given brand-attribute relationship, given the brand's size and how 'prototypical' an attribute is to the category.  Check out an example of this analysis in quantilope's Better Brand Health Soda Tracker.


"One of the things that turned us onto quantilope’s tracking is how fast the turnaround is - you can launch a survey and have answers back within a week.”

- Jessica Caldwell, Director of Consumer Insights at Edmunds



Automated Better Brand Health Tracking projects with quantilope: 

  • Leverage automated BBHT templates to take the guesswork out of what to include

  • Capture modernized brand health tracking metrics that are highly actionable and help brands grow (based on Jenni Romaniuk's book Better Brand Health)

  • Re-launch a new BBHT wave in seconds with the click of a button 

  • Spend your time focusing on the strategic story, thanks to automatically-populated reports and dashboards


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