Guide to Automated Pricing Research

Automated pricing research provides insights into what customers are willing to pay for your products & services while maintaining healthy profit margins. 

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Leverage Pricing Research to Answer...

How high can we increase prices before losing market share?


How much can we charge for varying portion sizes?


What is the acceptable price range for our new product innovation?


Types of Pricing Research

Van Westendorp/ Price Sensitivity Meter

A Price Sensitivity Meter (PSM) is used to investigate different price perceptions and the price limits consumer's place in relation to a specific product or service.

A PSM is one of the pricing research methods quantilope has automated on its Insights Automation platform to deliver pricing insights in just a few days.


PSM is great for

  • Earlier-stage research
  • Lower-priced products
  • Familiar/non-niche products

Check out a brief PSM demo in the video to the left!

quantilope-Van-Westendorp-Price-Sensitivity-Meter play

Choice-Based Conjoint

Regarded as one of the most sophisticated pricing research methodologies, a Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) uncovers the relative importance of price in relation to other features, with the ability to test multiple attributes at once and closely mimic a real-world environment.

In addition to PSM shown above, quantilope also offers an automated CBC as a pricing research methodology.

CBC is great for

  • Understanding the relative importance of price in relation to other features
  • Determining which combination of features is optimal 
  • Measuring a competitive environment 

For a brief demo of the CBC method, watch the video to the right!

quantilope-Choice-Based-Conjoint-Analysis play

To learn how quantilope makes pricing research simple and accessible through the automation of various pricing methods, download The Ultimate Guide to Automated Pricing Research

This guide serves as a resource for brands looking to explore price sensitivity, price perceptions, willingness to pay, and more. 

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Benefits of quantilope's Automated Pricing Research

Fully Automated & Customizable to Deliver Insights in Days


Support From a Team of Certified Research Consultants


Robust Methodologies Providing High Quality, Strategic Insights


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