1. Define your research question

quantilope’s platform provides substantive insights to questions throughout the entire product development and marketing mix. The first step is to identify the market research question that you’re going to ask. From business strategy, to product innovation, launch, and performance monitoring, quantilope’s Agile Insights platform can help brands get a better understanding of who their customers are, what they want to buy, and how to appeal to them best. 

2. Create a project using automated methods

Once you’ve defined a research question, you can begin building your survey using automated methods. Inside the survey editor on quantilope's platform, you simply drag and drop the question type and automated method that you want to use such as Choice-Based Conjoint, MaxDiff, TURF, Implicit Tests, and more.

quantilope’s Success Lab - a team of certified research consultants - is available for on-going guidance and support if you’re not sure which question type or methods to use.

3. Set your target group and go live

After building your project, all that’s left to do is to define your target group and quotas. When setting your target group, you can leverage quantilope’s partnerships with well-trusted, global, third-party panel providers. However, clients are also able to link their own internal/external panels directly to quantilope’s platform or add links to social media networks and newsletters to connect to your consumers without using a panel.

4. Review real-time analytics and visualizations

quantilope’s data is live. That means your data starts analyzing as soon as the first few responses come in. Our automated methods provide real-time analytics through interactive charts and graphs that continue to update as more completes come in. 

5. Share your findings through a beautiful Insights Dashboard

After the market research project is complete, clients can choose which charts, segments, and data variables to feature in an Insights Dashboard to share with stakeholders. Insights Dashboards provide a summary of the research project, key findings, and include live charts. 

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