quantilope inColor

quantilope inColor is an AI-driven video research
solution enabling quant-driven researchers to
enrich findings with qualitative insights.


Easy-to-use qual solution without the need for extensive qual training


Complement numbers with stories for more impactful insights


Bring real consumers with real stories to decision makers


Key Features:

AI-driven Text Transcription 

Multiple AI-driven Analyses: Sentiments, Keyword Trends, and Facial Emotions 

Advanced Data Filtering Tools

Video Showreel Deliverables

Panel + Device Agnostic

Available Anywhere (no internet needed to record responses)


Results details-outlined

Add a new dimension to your research efforts and hear real consumers' needs, motivations, and hesitations.

Some examples: 

  • Launch bigger and bolder innovations on unmatched needs. 

  • Deeply understand the drivers and barriers of your concepts and packaging. 

  • Explore shopping, unboxing, and user experiences with your products and services.

    ...and so much more! 


How It Works

Step 1: Ask consumers questions and receive video responses back.

Step 2: Review video feedback instantly using AI-driven features. 

Step 3: Manage clips (filter on sentiment, keywords, tags, etc.) and create your final video showreel deliverable with the most insightful clips from each video response.

Step 4: Easily add showreels to your quant insights dashboards for an even deeper narrative.

Outcome: Generate outsized impact for your organization through the marriage of AI-driven quant & qual insights.


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