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Automated Mental Advantage Analysis

Based on the work of Professor Jenni Romaniuk (of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science), Mental Advantage Analysis evaluates how strongly a brand is associated with specific attributes compared to its competitors in the market. The resulting Advantages and Disadvantages make it easy for brands to prioritize their marketing strategies.

quantilope's Mental Advantage analysis is fully automated, allowing users to easily incorporate this method into their brand tracking studies to generate valuable metrics for brand positioning and communication strategies. 


Benefits of leveraging Mental Advantage analysis 


Sharpen brand positioning:
Understand your brand's unique strengths and areas for improvement to develop differentiated and effective brand positioning.


Refine communication strategies:
Identify the key attributes/messages that resonate most strongly with consumers, for more targeted and impactful communication.

Enhance brand equity:
Consistently reinforcing your brand's unique strengths and addressing any weaknesses builds a stronger and more differentiated brand image.

How to use Mental Advantage analysis

Mental Advantage analysis highlights how a brand's actual association with an attribute or CEP deviates from the expected association - given the brand’s usage / size and general prototypicality of an attribute or CEP.  

Category Entry Point Advantages
and Disadvantages: 


Brand Association Advantages
and Disadvantages: 


Cells in green are attributes that score 5% or more above the expected score for that brand/attribute relationship (advantages). Cells in red are attributes that score 5% or more below the expected score for that brand/attribute relationship (disadvantages). Cells in white are considered ‘on par’ with expectations

It’s exciting to see quantilope automate a new, innovative approach to brand health tracking - introducing new metrics from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute that unlock actionable insights right out of the gate and identify opportunities for brand growth.

-Kelly Wade, Director of Marketing



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