Segmentation clusters consumers into actionable and approachable groups. Using our need-based approach, we capture actual needs and desires driving consumer behaviors. Results can be used to create impactful and targetable business strategies, such as product innovation, pricing strategy, or marketing communications.

Benefits of quantilope’s Segmentation:

  • Speed: Get results in a fraction of the time it takes with other vendors  
  • Ease: Simple and intuitive in nature, empowering researchers of all levels to capture sophisticated segmentation data 
  • Quality: Guaranteed high-quality results thanks to automated, machine learning algorithms

Applications of quantilope's Segmentation (from our syndicated gaming study)

What is the overall landscape of US Gamers?

This study's segmentation output resulted in three defined segments of varying sizes: Social Gamers, Focused Gamers, and Relaxed Gamers. However, segmentation outputs can range between 3 and 7 segments based on each study's respective data. 

What are the most important needs for US Gamers?

These are the results from our MaxDiff, which asked consumers to pick their most important needs for their gaming experience.

'Relaxing/Unwinding' is the top need for US gamers, followed by 'Total immersion', 'Strategic challenges', and 'Releasing stress/anger'. 

What are the most important needs for each gaming Segment?

The Segment Map visualizes through which relative preferences the segments can be best described and distinguished from each other. The closer the position of an item to a segment, the stronger the relative preference for that item within the segment. Also, two segments (or two items) that are similarly positioned in the map are more similar in terms of preferences.

Additional Methods

Implicit Multiple Association Test (MAT)

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Maximum Difference Scaling (MaxDiff)

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Key Driver Analysis

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