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Introducing quinn:

quantilope's AI Co-Pilot for Advanced Consumer Research!

Meet quinn - your newest research partner to inspire and guide you through your end-to-end advanced research process.

With quinn, quantilope users are able to speed up their time to insights without increased effort. quinn takes care of survey setup, chart analysis, and a dashboard summary, all with the click of a "Hey quinn" button.  

Check out this quick video demo to see quinn in action!  

quinn's ever-growing list of AI features and tools include:

Advanced method survey setup assistance

With a single click of 'Hey quinn', instantly generate a list of dynamic elements for your Single or Multi-Implicit Association Test.

Suggest Dynamic Elements

Insight dashboard summary

quinn uses Synthesizing AI to instantly summarize all your dashboard findings into one takeaway summary and list of key findings.

Dashboard summary

Advanced method chart analysis

quinn provides inspiration and guidance during the analysis phase of your research project by generating an impactful chart title and chart description for even the most complex advanced methods.

Segmentation Analyze

What quantilope clients are saying:

"At Nestlé R&D Accelerator, we always aim to leverage digital transformation to drive consumer centricity. As such, we see AI as critical in enabling quicker and more agile consumer research to unlock high-quality insights. It's exciting to see quantilope double down on building practical use cases of AI in consumer research with such tools built seamlessly into their platform, enabling our team to deliver even more value to our stakeholders and build stronger, consumer-focused products."

- Kwame Wireko, Growth Marketer at Nestlé R&D US Accelerator (Early-stage user of quinn)

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