Career Development at quantilope: Meet Andi, our new VP of Revenue Operations

Andi Career Development

Meet Andi, who recently developed his career from leading our Finance team into a new direction. 

Here at quantilope, we help careers to find their happy place. One way we do so, is by ensuring the satisfaction of our employees through providing sustainable career opportunities that enable individual growth. We believe a strict career path might not be the right path for everyone and provide the chance to not only grow with us but to also change careers with us. 


In our well developed and lived Learning and Development Cycles, our employees review how they are feeling and managing their careers with their supervisors every six months - and, if desired, review possible career changes. If an employee's skills and desires match an opening, then the door is open to walk into a new opportunity.


Let's take a look at a great example of a career change with our new VP of Revenue Operations, Andi.

Here’s Andi's story: 


Hi, my name is Andi. I have just become VP of Revenue Operations at quantilope and have been with the company for almost 4 years. Prior to this, I was leading our finance team at quantilope.


  • 💻 What was the name and the responsibilities of your old “role” before you changed your position? 

    I was Director of Finance, leading our global finance team. The Finance team at quantilope serves both as the bedrock (timely, reliable & accurate accounting and financial procedures) and the architects (financial planning & analysis) of our colleagues and quantilope’s success!
  • 🤓What is your new role called and what are your responsibilities now? 

In my new role as VP Revenue Operations, I will be leading our go-to-market operations team including sales operations & enablement, customer operations & enablement and topline technology. We will make sure that all our go-to-market efforts are powered by robust and scalable processes and informed by meaningful data. Empowerment of both our customers and our workforce is at the core of what we do.


  • 🔍Why did you want to change your career path? 

    I love creating new things & teams (why I love startups!) and as our Finance team entered the next maturity stage, I wanted to go back to what I love most: Building!


  • 😍 Why is this role now the right step for you?

    This role change gives me an opportunity to explore a new field and gain experience while staying in the quantiverse which I’ve learned to love over the past 4 years!
  • 🚀 What advice would you give someone who is struggling with uncertainty about their career? 

    If you can’t decide on which career opportunity to pursue in a logical way, go towards what you’re most drawn to. Talking to your spouse or flipping a coin is a great way to uncover what you might be leaning towards.
  • 👍 How did quantilope support you in this change? 

    Everybody was very open in the first place, when I addressed that I had the feeling I might not be the ideal person to lead our finance team going forward and ever since we found this new role for me, everybody has been super supportive. Couldn’t have gone better!

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