quantilope's Global Juneteenth Initiative

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This year quantilope hosted its first-ever Juneteenth celebration creating a space for growth, accountability, awareness, and action.


Juneteenth was finally granted status as a federal holiday in 2021 and our team at quantilope wanted to recognize this historic holiday by taking action. 


Our DEI Committee (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) created a resource guide focused on historic moments and media celebrating African American livelihood and everyday culture. We know there are many different learning styles, so in an effort to encourage as much participation as possible we gathered a variety of media types: books, movies, Ted Talks, podcasts, and many more! Attendees were encouraged to choose one or more of the media suggestions to consume on their own and then discuss on a global level on June 22nd. Our goal was to educate the team and provide awareness around Juneteenth.

During this discussion, we shared an overview of the history of Juneteenth and created a safe space to discuss and divulge into first reactions, learnings and actionable takeaways. There was a range of attendees across career levels and locations – C suite to interns and New York to Hamburg. Our conversations resulted in moments of awareness, understanding and accountability. Ultimately, this session brought our team closer together and motivated us to continue learning and unlearning for ourselves and our community.

Access quantilope's Juneteenth resource guide here

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